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The Ultimate Guide to LASIK (laser vision correction)

So, lately you have been thinking about correcting your eyesight.

Maybe you are not feeling 100% comfortable wearing the glasses all the time.

Maybe you are tiered of inserting and removing the lenses every day, dealing with dry eyes, constantly buying the lens solution and saline and losing sleep over forgetting your lenses on a trip. Or just having to fit them into a suitcase in the first place.

Whatever your reason may be, sometimes it’s nice to daydream of the day when you could simply wake up and see the world around you clearly.

With the LASIC surgery or the laser vision correction your dream of visual freedom is now possible!

We at the Svjetlost clinic know what a huge decision this it for you. It is, after all, something that will change your life forever. Naturally, a procedure as important as this one needs to be thoroughly researched, but we equally know that the sheer process of finding trustworthy sources can be difficult and stressful and additionally confusing.

This is exactly why we at the Svjetlost clinic  wish to explain all those things you might be wondering about regarding the laser vision correction.

What is the laser vision correction?

The laser vision correction is permanent laser surgery that changes your life! Incredibly precise lasers reshape the cornea in order to permanently correct the eye sight issues. The laser vision correction surgery can fix nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Following the laser vision correction surgery, you will no longer have any need for glasses or contact lenses. After this procedure, almost all of the patients of the Svjetlost clinic have the perfect sight and the necessary visual freedom.


Contact lenses or laser vision correction?

Many people often wonder what are the advantages of laser vision correction in comparison to contact lenses. This might come as a surprise, but the lenses are not as great as you might have thought.

The truth is that the contact lenses are the less invasive of the two, while also providing you with clear sight and without the trouble following the use of glasses. However, there are several reasons while the laser vision correction is a far better choice. Our medical team from the the Svjetlost clinic will explain them.

  1. FINANCES: Even though it may appear that the laser vision correction requires far greater financial means, in fact, contact lenses end up costing you significantly more. Beside the price of the lenses themselves, one needs to factor in all the doctor check-ups, tests, etc. Likewise, along the regular use of lenses, the eyes need to be allowed a certain time to rest which is only possible through the use of glasses, which is, of course, an additional expense.
  2. HEALTH: Long-term use of lenses brings certain health risks such as eye infections, bacterial keratitis and even further eyesight damage, while the laser vision correction is a low-risk surgery.
  3. TIME: Besides the money, the laser vision correction also saves you time, since you no longer need to worry about proper care of your lenses, proper maintenance, buying the solution, medical follow ups to keep track of your diopter as well as the mere daily insertion and removal of the lenses. Proper insertion of lenses may take up to 5 minutes every time, which means that this is how you spend 73 hours of your life every year! We at the the Svjetlost clinic believe that you might want to spend that precious time with your friends and family, doing the things you love.
  4. FREEDOM:  The laser vision correction releases you of mental burden of having to constantly worry about your lenses. You are free to lead the life you wish without any limitations of damaged eyesight. You can swim, exercise and even sleep without having to prepare your eyes in any special manner.

Am I a candidate for the laser vision correction?

The first step towards the permanently corrected eyesight is to establish if you are a valid candidate for the laser vision correction. If you already know that you have issues with eyesight or you suspect that contact lenses or glasses might correct your blurry vision, you are most likely an excellent candidate for the laser vision correction.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us at the Svjetlost clinic for a free consult in order to learn more about the procedure and establish whether you are an eligible candidate for the laser vision correction.


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