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Svjetlost received a new European award for quality

Berlin, 13 December 2016 – At a ceremony held in Berlin, the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) awarded the prestigious Quality Choice Prize for 2016 to Svjetlost Ophthalmology Clinic. Thereby, Svjetlost Eye Clinic became the first Croatian company which received this notable recognition, which was awarded based on the results of surveys, user opinion polling and market research together with selection process which includes, among other things, an analysis of socially responsible projects implemented and an analysis of public information sources.

The award, given by the European umbrella organization for quality research, is intended for the best global companies, public administrations and organizations renowned for quality and innovation of their services and products. This means that Svjetlost Eye Clinic found its place among the world’s biggest companies such as Philips, UniCredit bank, Air Canada and Japanese Konica Minolta, which received that recognition last year.

A total of seventy nine companies, hospitals, public administrations and organizations from various sectors received this award at a ceremony held in Berlin. Doctor Ratimir Lazić, Head of the Retina Department at Svjetlost Eye Clinic accepted the award on behalf of Clinic. “I am extremely glad to be given a chance to accept this award on behalf of Svjetlost Eye Clinic, the first Croatian representative at this prestigious event, before numerous members of the international business community. This recognition is another boost for us, which motivates us to strive towards continuous progress. We will keep having the same goals as when we started the Clinic, and that is to justify the trust of our patients, without whom we would not currently be one of the leading ophthalmology clinics in the region”, said the head of the Retina Department of Svjetlost Eye Clinic, doctor Ratimir Lazić.

As a sign of recognition of ethical business practice and entrepreneurial initiative which yielded great success in terms of quality management, Svjetlost Eye Clinic was declared a winner in the golden category.


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