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Special therapeutic procedures

specijalizovane terapeutske metode klinika Svjetlost Banjaluka

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Additional Services in Eye Clinic Svjetlost

Our laser technology allows us to correct or treat following:


  1. Shallow corneal scars
  2. Higher order corneal spherical aberrations
  3. Partial refractive error correction in patients with keratoconus

Our Specialists

prof. dr. Nikica Gabrić, dr. med.

Prof. dr Nikica Gabrić, dr med.

Bojan Kozomara

Mr sc. Bojan Kozomara dr med.

Ernesta Potkonjak dr. med.

Ernesta Potkonjak, dr med.

Nebojsa Đogatović dr. med.

Nebojša Đogatović, dr med.

Sanja Savičić dr. med.

Sanja Savičić, dr med.

Ana Aničić dr. med.

Ana Aničić, dr med.

Miloš Miličević dr. med.

Miloš Milićević, dr med.

Vladimir Račić dr. med.

Vladimir Račić, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Borjana Solomun, dr. med.

Borjana Solomun, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Dajana Abdulaj, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Tamara Bojanic Baric specijalizant oftalmologije

Tamara Bojanić Barić, dr med
Ophthalmology Resident

Shallow corneal scars

PRK (photo refractive keratectomy) is mostly used technique for these procedures. This technique allows partial or total scar removal with degradation of the corneal irregularities that may affect quality of vision. During the procedure, medication like Mytomycin C are used in order to have better and more regular corneal healing.

Higher order corneal spherical aberrations

Laser vision technology can help in correction of higher order corneal spherical aberrations. In fact, laser increases quality of picture by correcting small irregularities that may be present on the corneal surface, giving much more contrast to the picture itself.

Partial refractive error correction in patients with keratoconus

This condition causes cornea to thin, and consequently producing higher myopic shirt in the patient’s refractive error. Keratoconus is one of the conditions where laser vision correction is contraindicated in most cases, but with more precise lasers partial refractive error correction can be obtained. Corneal Collagen Crosslinking (CXL) is a new method which is used in all patients undergoing laser vision correction in keratoconus. This technique enables stromal corneal tissue strengthening and makes laser vision correction safe.


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