Dr Bojan Kozomara, MD, MSc

mr sc Bojan Kozomara dr med

Personal info

Name: Bojan Kozomara

Date and place of birth: 30.12.1978. godine, Banja Luka

Profession: Ophthalmologist


2004. Faculty of Medicine, University Banja Luka
2009. Ophthalmologist
2016. Master in medical science (Ophthalmology)


2005. Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia
2006. University Eye Hospital “Careggi”, Florence, Italy

Work experience

  • Ophthalmology Clinic, University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska
  • 2008 – 2011. Eye Clinic “Kozomara”
  • 2011 – Eye Clinic Svjetlost Banja Luka

Memberships in societies

  • American society of cataract and refractive surgeons (ASCRS)
  • European society of cataract and refractive surgeons (ESCRS)
  • Croatian society of cataract and refractive surgery (CSCRS)
  • Ophthalmology association of the Republic of Srpska

Awards and honors

2011. Best scientific work of young ophthalmologist, Foundation Proff. Ljiljana Zergolen and Kresimir Cupak

Published articles

  • Kozomara R, Kozomara B. Causes of blindness in the Republic of Srpska. Med Pregl 2010;63:340-2
  • Kozomara B, Bohac M, Gabric N, Patel S. Bowman strip complications during routine LASIK: Two cases demonstrating the clinical advantage of using Mitomycin C in such cases. J Optom 2015;8:219-20.
  • Kozomara B, Lazic R, Potkonjak E, Bohac M, Gabric N. Simultaneous Bilateral Implantation of Ex-Press Glaucoma Shunt for Secondary Glaucoma Treatment Due to Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome: A Case Report. Adv Ophthalmol Vis Syst 2015;3:00081-3.
  • Kozomara B, Bohac M, Potkonjak E, Kozomara I, Kozomara R, Gabric N. Prevalence of keratoconus in candidates for refractive surgical procedures. Scr Med 2012;43:25-7.
  • Kozomara B. Treatment of bilateral postoperative aphakia in a young patient with Still-Chauffard syndrome. Scr Med 2012;43:111-2.
  • Bohac M, Anticic M, Draca N, Kozomara B, Dekaris I, Gabric N Patel S. Comparison of Verisyse and Veriflex Phakic Intraocular Lenses for Treatment of Moderate to High Myopia 36 Months after Surgery. Semin Ophthalmol 2016;3:1-9.
  • Kozomara B, Lazic R, Potkonjak E, Gabric N. Correction of postoperative aphakia with Verisyse Aphakia phakic intraocular lenses: One year follow-up. EC Ophthalmology 4.1.(2016):446-50.

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