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Laser vision correction has been practiced in the world for over 40 years with more than fifty million people who had this treatment performed to their own eyes. There are a number of methods of laser vision correction nowadays and the basic difference depends on the depth of the cornea at which the surgery is done (surface of cornea – PRK, middle of the cornea – LASIK).

The most important information for all patients is that this type of surgery is totally safe for the eye and vision, and that there is no possibility of the damage to the eye, nor any loss of vision.

All types of current techniques are fully computer-controlled with the help of precise software programs integrated into laser platforms. The current devices are able to reduce one diopter in less than 2 seconds, while the systems for tracking the patient’s eye during the surgery (“trackers”) enable precise delivery of laser beams exactly to the given spot regardless of the eye movement. Thanks to newest software systems, all surgeries are nowadays more than 95% safe

Our specialists

prof. dr. Nikica Gabrić, dr. med.

Prof. dr Nikica Gabrić, dr med.

Bojan Kozomara

Mr sc. Bojan Kozomara dr med.

Ernesta Potkonjak dr. med.

Ernesta Potkonjak, dr med.

Nebojsa Đogatović dr. med.

Nebojša Đogatović, dr med.

Sanja Savičić dr. med.

Sanja Savičić, dr med.

Ana Aničić dr. med.

Ana Aničić, dr med.

Miloš Miličević dr. med.

Miloš Milićević, dr med.

Vladimir Račić dr. med.

Vladimir Račić, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Borjana Solomun, dr. med.

Borjana Solomun, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Dajana Abdulaj, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Tamara Bojanic Baric specijalizant oftalmologije

Tamara Bojanić Barić, dr med
Ophthalmology Resident

What our patients say

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions by our patients. If there are things that we did not answered for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I know I'm a good candidate for laser refractive surgery?

– If your refractive errors are between -10 and + 6

– If your astigmatism is ±6

– If you are 18 or older

– If your refractive error has been stable for at least a year (i.e. the change of their refractive error has not been more than ±0.50 D)

– If you do not have cataract

– If our exam showed that corneal thickness, and the size of refractive error are within the desired parameters

– If you are not pregnant or breastfeeding

What does a pre-operative examination for lasik include?

Before any excimer laser refractive surgery is performed, all patients undergo detailed ophthalmology exam which includes:

– Measuring uncorrected and best spectacle corrected visual acuities

– Measuring intraocular pressure

– Slit lamp examination of the anterior and posterior segments

– Special part of the preoperative examination is the anterior segment analysis on Oculus Pentacam II. This special diagnostic tool enables precise measurement of corneal thickness, anterior chamber debt and cataract formation recognition.

– Pupil dilation

If the patient passes the exam, and if there are no contraindications, he/she gets full and detailed explanation on the surgical procedure, chosen technique and all questions that the patient might have get answered.

How does the postoperative treatment look like?

All patients that underwent laser refractive surgery are advised not to expose their eyes to the smoke, wind and dust for at least a couple of days after surgery. Regular postoperative treatment consists of antibiotic and artificial tear eye drops instilment 5-8 times per day for 2 weeks, or a month. Furthermore, hard labor and swimming in public pools without swimming googles are restricted for at least one month postoperatively.

Face wash with tapered water is allowed after a week.

Why do you need this procedure?

– Because your eyes need rest from wearing glasses or contact lenses

– Because your eyes deserve new light.

– Because the results of this procedure are long-term, will last your whole life and there are no side effects and they .

– Because we successfully completed over 4.500 laser vision correction procedures here in Svjetlost clinic Banja Luka.

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