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Laser vision correction or contact lenses: which option is safer in the long run?

Rare are the people who are able to easily reach those important decisions which will influence the rest of their lives. Insufficient information or wrong assumptions about what exactly laser vision correction is and how safe it is sometimes makes people hesitate, question and doubt their choice. Luckily, most of these misunderstandings can be resolved quickly and efficiently through conversation with either the specialized doctors from our Svjetlost clinic or the patients who already underwent the procedure, as well as through conducting research and obtaining information about the procedure and its short-term and long-term advantages and disadvantages.



The vast majority of the misinformation regarding the laser vision correction comes from the earliest days of the laser eye surgeries when the procedure was new and the technology underdeveloped. The people were slow to accept that something so radically different can also be safe.

However, time and experience showed that the initial doubts were unfounded. The records tracking the laser vision correction have always noted exceptionally high number of successful cases, while the complications occurred quite rarely. Today’s steady development of technics and technology provides ever better results.



Wearing contact lenses may permanently damage your eye sight.

A thought that quite often prevents the patients from performing the laser vision correction is: “I wear contact lenses anyway, so the glasses don’t bother me. Why would I have a surgery?” Unfortunately, they are usually not aware that long-term and short-term use of contact lenses may cause serious and permanent damage to the eye sight, and even blindness in those particularly serious cases.

As the doctors from the Svjetlost clinic explain, the reasons for the harmfulness of the effects is quite simple – every time you insert the lenses you are basically introducing a foreign piece of plastic into your eye. Infections, bacterial irritations, changes to the thinness of cornea, corneal ulcers and microcysts are just some of the possible complications. A piece of information you might find particularly interesting is that infections that may jeopardize eyesight develop as often as with 1 in every 2000 regular lens users, while only 1 in every 10 000 patients who undergo the laser vision correction experience any sort of complications.

The doctors from the Svjetlost clinic also warn that tiredness is another risk factor for people who wear contact lenses. Even the neatest people will sometimes wash and dry their hands irregularly before inserting and removing the lenses and thus greatly enlarge the risk of infections. Furthermore, sleeping with lenses is equal to suffocating the cornea – even the permeable lenses limit the flow of oxygen and fluids to the eye, which may cause permanent and irreparable damage of the eye.


The laser vision correction is the better choice.

Time and research proved that, when it comes to the eye health and eye sight, the laser vision correction is without a doubt the better option compared to the contact lenses. Regardless, that kind of a decision should not be made without the complete understanding of all its advantages and faults.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for the laser vision correction and we from the Svjetlost clinic give all our patients a thorough exam to be 100% certain that it is safe to perform a successful procedure on someone. Our resolution to help you to live a life free from the burden of glasses is second on our list of priorities only by the complete devotion to safety, which is something we hold in the highest regard.

In the perfect world no one would ever need the laser vision correction. However, our team from the Svjetlost clinic clinic knows that the world is not exactly perfect. Luckily, the laser vision correction is proven to be the safest and the most affordable method of the sight correction. In fact, the financial savings you will make in the long run is measurable in thousands, whereas the savings of time are invaluable.



Is the laser vision correction painful?

One of the most frequently asked questions is if the laser vision correction will hurt. The doctors from the Svjetlost clinic reassure us that the procedure is not painful. Some 30 minutes or so before the procedure, the patient is administered a mild oral sedative to relax and then immediately before the procedure anesthetic drops are poured directly into the eyes. This ensures that the patients feel no pain whatsoever. It is possible to feel some pressure in the eye in certain moments during the procedure, but that is not pain.

Even though you will spend some time in the hospital, most of it goes on the preparations before and resting after the procedure, while the treatments itself lasts less than 15 minutes on both eyes. Following the completion, you will move from the operating room to the recovery room, where your ophthalmologist will examine your eyes once again before releasing you home from the Svjetlost clinic in company of an adult.


What is the recovery procedure after the laser vision correction?

The recovery period after this procedure is quite short. Most patients report dramatic eyesight improvements within the first 24-48 hours. However, it is possible that during the first day or two you will feel mild tingling or itching or temporary discomfort. Along the antibacterial eye drops, your surgeon from the Svjetlost clinic will most likely prescribe you lubricating drops to ease any potential discomfort.

Our medical team from the Svjetlost clinic  is at your disposal should you have any doubts or questions. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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