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General Examination

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Many eye diseases do not show any symptoms at the beginning of their appearance. Early detection and treatment can prevent blindness and maintain high quality of life for many patients with eye diseases. For a timely detection, regular and general ophthalmic examinations are needed.

It has been often forgotten that regular ophthalmology exams are very important, specifically when no vision symptoms are seen. When those symptoms occur, the disease is frequently in its advanced stage and there is nothing much that can be done for the visual recovery.

All of this is the reason why we give such an importance to the preventive and general eye examination.

Our Specialists

prof. dr. Nikica Gabrić, dr. med.

Prof. dr Nikica Gabrić, dr med.

Bojan Kozomara

Mr sc. Bojan Kozomara dr med.

Ernesta Potkonjak dr. med.

Ernesta Potkonjak, dr med.

Nebojsa Đogatović dr. med.

Nebojša Đogatović, dr med.

Sanja Savičić dr. med.

Sanja Savičić, dr med.

Ana Aničić dr. med.

Ana Aničić, dr med.

Miloš Miličević dr. med.

Miloš Milićević, dr med.

Vladimir Račić dr. med.

Vladimir Račić, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Borjana Solomun, dr. med.

Borjana Solomun, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Dajana Abdulaj, dr med.
Ophthalmology Resident

Tamara Bojanic Baric specijalizant oftalmologije

Tamara Bojanić Barić, dr med
Ophthalmology Resident



Here you can find frequently asked questions by our patients. If there are things that we did not answered for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What does the general eye examination include?

• Detailed personal and family anamnesis

• Visual acuity assessment

• Pupil reaction assessment

• Eye motility assessment

• Intraocular pressure measurement

• Detailed slit lamp examination of the anterior and posterior eye segments

People who are at increased risk of developing certain eye disease?

It is important to note that all of those who have a family history to certain eye disease have higher risk of inheriting those same diseases. Many of them, like diabetes, high blood pressure, immunological and neurological diseases can have their first signs in the eye. Furthermore, our recommendation would also be to have a regular eye examinations after the age of 40, because with aging there are many diseases that can occur in the eye.

In order to simplify the procedure of a regular eye exam, we have created packages for subspeciality eye exams to all of those who have an uncertain or not well defined diagnosis.

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